Stylr Pro


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What is it?

The metal pronged, carbon fibre teasing comb has been designed to achieve red carpet worthy backcombing that lasts all day and night!
The carbon fibre ensures the comb is ultra strong and durable, yet super lightweight.
It also provides an anti static finish, by preventing electrical charges building up in your hair.

The teeth are rounded so not to snag or pull the hair, and the design of the centre of the teeth create the strongest of backcombing at the roots, resulting in stability and the confidence of longevity.
The metal prongs are used after backcombing to smooth out the top layer, without disturbing and combing out the teasing you’ve just created.

How do I use it?

Use this specially designed comb on dry hair, hold the hair taut where you’d like to create height, then close to the root push the hair down towards the scalp. Repeat for more volume then use the metal prongs to comb out the top layer to hide any backcombing.


This comb is heat resistant so it can be used to run through the hair whilst straightening with The Stylr Pro STRAIGHTENER, to ensure your hair is knot free for a super sleek look

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