Stylr Pro



Quick bouncy waves in minutes!

  • 38mm to 32mm rose gold, ceramic barrel
  • Four heat settings ranging from 160– 220c
  • Heats up in 60 seconds
  • Tapered end allowing you to create the perfect beach wave and experiment with different looks
  • Heat resistant glove

Achieve the ultimate beach wave with this super wide conical wand.  The tapered barrel ensures the curls are not uniformed resulting in the perfect effortless wave.  The rose gold ceramic barrel prevents frizz and enhances shine.

Adjustable temperatures makes this the perfect wand for all hair types, by using a lower heat with finer hair and a higher heat to penetrate thicker strands.

The conical barrel creates big bouncy waves, to tighter curls which can be left to set before being combed out with The GAPPY one.  For a super modern, effortless look leave out the very ends of the hair for straighter ends.

Please note all Tools have a UK plug.  Gift wrap not included

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