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Create fast curls and smooth all flyaways with THE Tong:

  • 32mm Titanium barrel
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Reduces frizz creating a clean finish
  • Infinity turning barrel
  • Light weight
  • Extra long 15cm barrel
  • Temperature ranges between 80– 230c

One of the main features is its Titanium barrel.  Titanium is a naturally occurring metal which is extremely strong but very light.  It heats quicker and provides a more intense heat, compared to ceramic tongs. Titanium transfers heat from the tong to hair quicker than ceramic, causing less damage to the hair as it’s heated for less time.  Providing a perfect curl to all hair types, the heat can easily penetrate thick, coarse hair strands, and the temperature control ensures this tong is kind to finer hair too.

Titanium combats humidity better than ceramic because it produces more negative ions than any other material. Negative ions cancel out the positive ions on hair, closing cuticles and avoiding frizz.

There’s more!

The TONG features an infinity turning barrel, enabling easier, perfect curls.  You no longer need to repeatedly open, close and reroll a tong. Just clamp the hair once, turn the barrel and the hair will be wrapped around the tong. You’ll achieve the perfect curl in 5 seconds flat. The extra-long barrel and locking feature means you can also use the Tong as a wand.

Please note all Tools have a UK plug.