Stylr Pro

The WIDE One

£10 £12.50

What is it?

The mixed bristles contain Boar and synthetic bristles. The Boar bristles promote healthy hair by stimulating the natural oils from the scalp, whilst the synthetic bristles detangle the hair.

The vents enhance drying time by allowing the air to flow through the brush and directly on to your hair!

It’s curved for optimum contact points as well as being the perfect brush to create a sleek, high ponytail as it’s shaped to the scalp!

How do I use it?

Detangle and care for your hair by using this brush after towel drying your hair. Section your hair in to smaller sections and begin brushing from mid way down your lengths to detangle the ends, then move your way up to the roots. You can also use this brush to create a sleek ponytail by brushing the hair in the desired direction. The brush will create a sleek finish as it detangles the hair, plus keep the hair tight thanks to its curved shape. 


This brush is great to use with hair extensions! Plus it’s perfect for brushing out curls to create waves as the boar bristles smooth the hair and adds shine!

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