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Your styling is no longer dictated by a hair tie.  Use The WRAP to create the most conformable secure ponytail or base for any updo. Don't loose the tightness of a ponytail or base by twisting the hair just to accommodate a hair tie. This amazing WRAP only sticks to itself, so just wrap around hair to create the desired effect for the most conformable and secure way for your bride to wear her hair all day long. Each Wrap is 3M long and available in Black or Clear.


To use The WRAP simply unravel the tape to your desired length (around 5cm is perfect), cut at an angle, stretch a couple of times to warm it up, hold hair taught and place one end of the wrap under your thumb and begin to wrap around the hair. See the video in the product to show you how.

The WRAP is easy to remove from hair, simply find the angled end and unravel the tape.

Tip: Cut the tape at an angle so that the end is easy to find when you want to remove it. Plus, it makes it easier to take off the clear backing before use.


Anytime you need a ponytail or as a base for an undo. The WRAP is your go to product.


You’ll never have to worry about hair snagging as you tie it. The WRAP doesn't pull hair when in place so it’s the most comfortable solution for your brides.